Nomad Spaces - POD

'POD creates at-home work environments that

improve flexible working, meet employers duty

of care and mitigate potential feelings of isolation

and disconnection from the greater workforce'


  • An out of the box work from home environment - ‘HOME POD’ -that is easily assembled and dismantled, is made of sustainable materials and includes ergonomically designed elements that reduce the risk associated with workplace injury

  • Includes a patented backdrop for video conferencing that affixes to any type of chair and which delivers a consistent branded look and feel. This backdrop also acts as a green screen for the display of branded imagery and virtual backgrounds

  • A suite of service offerings that can be delivered for remote workers and that are completely customisable to an individual organisations needs. These include physical wellness, mental wellness and educational programs

  • Creates a point of difference through social engagement that are a surprise with initiatives delivered through our network of specialist suppliers directly to workers homes that keep them engaged and made to feel as though they continue to be an integral part of the greater workforce

POD map


Workforces are changing, becoming more fluid, with more and more workers hired on a project, contract or freelance basis. This change has propelled the need to redefine workplace culture especially for those where working in a physical office environment may not be the norm.


POD offers organisations the ability to enable and maximise community-building and collaboration by providing elements that promote sharing, interaction and innovation when the workforce is physically distanced.



An organisation’s duty of care to their workforce doesn’t just apply in the physical built environment. POD offers solutions that assist clients to mitigate the risk associated with potential workplace injuries that could result from at-home environments that don’t incorporate the workplace health and safety (WHS) parameters found in traditional office environments.


POD can tailor ergonomically designed elements that reduce the risk associated with workplace injury through bespoke built environments that mirror elements found in office HQs.



Health is our most important capital and workplaces play a vital part in the overall wellbeing of your teams. When these teams work remotely for large portions of their engagement they often no longer have the opportunity to attend the lunch and learns, or to participate in that Friday afternoon wind down, and will often start to feel isolated from their colleagues.


POD offers support for both body and mind and gives the remote workforce the skills to manage work-life integration at their own pace. POD delivers solutions that keep remote workers engaged, energised and educated through a combination of offerings delivered both virtually and in person.