Nomad Spaces - HUB

 'HUB will offer the future of integrated 

third space hospitality centric services

for the Australian corporate landscape' 


  • Managed by experienced teams who act as the building operator and look after hospitality and FM requests

  • Fee for service offerings such as dry cleaning, car services, restaurant bookings

  • F&B offerings with best in class coffee

  • A network of spaces allowing drop off and pick up of requests at various locations

  • Client History and loyalty programs

  • A network of preferred suppliers


Tea/Coffee for member ready on arrival and preferences logged for future visits

Member receives QR code confirming service requests

Member books locker, orders coffee and confirms arrival time via app

Member searches HUB app for most convenient HUB location to start their day

Member arrives at HUB location and uses QR code to access locker

Member joined by colleague for rapid catch up prior to next meeting

Member sits and connects via complimentary HUB 5G network


Our concept delivers a network of hosted touch down points creating pathways across metropolitan areas allowing members to stay connected and productive no matter what their work schedule. Delivered by groups of multi-skilled team members, the HUB operating

model will integrate services to deliver a truly curated experience from arrival to departure

and everything in between



Membership will provide access to an array of HUB hospitality services, from dry cleaning and car services to restaurant reservations and babysitting services via our tech platform and through personal interaction with our HUB Experience Teams at each location. Each HUB will deliver exceptional coffee product, ergonomic touchdown areas and experience services


We recognise that time is a HUB member's most valuable commodity and that’s why we offer a range of services that deliver convenience and save time. From our locker HUBs where members can off load items that are not needed for their next meeting, to a comprehensive HUB member history system that remembers their favorite coffee, to the ability to drop off dry cleaning at one location and pick up from another more convenient one at the end of their day, our HUB members convenience is paramount.