Nomad Spaces - LAB

'Community, Authenticity and Purpose.

LAB spaces promote conversation, collaboration and networking'


  • LAB activities and events will form a key building block that underpin why people choose these spaces as a meeting place to socialise, interact, and workshop.

  • A welcoming, hosted space fostered with a sense of permissiveness to congregate and share experiences.

  • The curation of events will be driven through the LAB experience team, acting as the central point between a dynamic mix of workforce who will feel a sense of collaboration and pride in being a part of a larger community.

  • By offering coffee services with a best in class coffee offering, LAB will be an activated third space that will become an integral part of the workforces daily experience.


QR code generated for locker and other services requested

Employee secures non essential items in lockers

Employee plugs in and watches a community talk

Employee joins a collaboration group to discuss an ongoing project

Employee finds LAB location via wayfinder in app. Reviews services, reserves a locker, orders a coffee

Employee greeted on arrival by LAB Host and inducted to space

Employee grabs pre ordered coffee and also orders a take home meal for collection later in the day


Through community engagement and the

creation of strong, viable networks we will meet

the needs and demands of our Clients and their workforce. Spaces will be curated to provide a functional and agile environment, creating an inspiring playground for event delivery, working groups and touchdown meetings

Physical, digital, cultural and social connections.



We will create an inclusive neighbourhood, adding value to those initiatives already in play by the Clients that we partner with. Messaging will be meaningful and connected to the overall vision of the organisation. Products and services will tell a story and engage.

Bookable workshops, hosted and curated events


We will create spaces that are activated and that give workforces meaning behind their engagement that drive the individual's sense of connection and purpose. Opportunities to give back and pay it forward will be woven through our service offerings. 

Networking, TedX, product launches and community engagement